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Hello Bulldogs !


As we journey through our Home Learning Program, we must all remember that being online has its own rules too.

On this page, you will find different Citizenship standards that are guiding students like you all over the world!

Please find the time to read and practice these standards and show to the online world that Brentoninan trait you so effortlessly exude on and off campus.


Strong Kids!

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Strong Kids! Is a page by the Guidance and Counseling office that aims to keep Lower School students company throughout the time we have to stay at home.  It has videos and helpful activities to that are sure to keep the little ones busy.

Take me there.

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Online Communication Netiquette


Behave online as you would to a person face to face: respectful and courteous

Check before you post. Always check whether a similar question to yours has been posted and answered on the discussion board to avoid duplicated messages and responses.

Use emoticons (emojis or emotional symbols (:-), ;-), :-(, :`-(, :-p, etc.) to indicate the tone of voice. It is often hard to tell the emotion of a text-based message. Use emotional symbols to give your message a little social touch. 

Do not write in all uppercase. ALL CAPS MEANS YOU ARE SHOUTING although you may not mean it.

Respect others. In all communication and discussion occasions, use your professionalism and talk to others with respect. Unsuitable messages will be removed.

Remember you are talking to your class mates- they are human and have feelings 

Online Communication and Netiquette by Jennifer Chang Wathall.
(c) https://www.jenniferchangwathall.com/
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