“The Brent Schools, in a Christian ecumenical environment in the Philippines are committed to develop individual students as responsible global citizens and leaders in their respective communities, with a multicultural and international perspective, and equipped for entry to colleges and universities throughout the world.”


The Brent vision is: One Family, One Mission, One Future, One Brent.

Brent Schools are steeped in a century of traditions. These traditions are an important part of why Brent Schools have flourished into the world-class institutions they are today. Our commitment is to interconnectedness and the alignment of Brent Schools. These ideals are necessary to the strength and sustainability of each individual campus. These traditions and ideals form community, and the vision of One Brent. Together we stand stronger. One Brent means One Family, One Mission, and One Future.

One Brent means One Family. Families are unique when compared to other social groups and institutions. Families are loyal and committed to each other. They work together to succeed despite the obstacle of life. The interests of the family are above the interests of the individual. There is a strength and bond in families that can never be severed. Students, families, faculty, staff and the greater Brent community are family, with all of the mutual love, respect, and nurturing that implies. The vision is to nurture and strengthen the family focus of Brent Schools. Brent is a place where families thrive!

One Brent means One Mission. Brent schools share a common mission statement and curriculum. Ultimately, we must share responsibility for engaging the greater Filipino community. The One Brent Mission Statement draws on the values and traditions that have formed each campus, and the common goals and practices that unify and transfer the strengths of each individual campus to other campuses. One Brent means one education. We must invest the time, resources, and expertise of professionals from all the Brent campuses to develop and improve the one Brent curriculum. When a student graduates from Brent school, they are getting The Brent Education. Our shared curriculum is the way we engage the broader world of ideas. It is the way we engage the Filipino community around us. With our combined resources and ideas, we can impact the Philippines and the broader region. Together, we are reimagining the purpose of education in Christ’s love.

One Brent means One Future. A future of unity and interconnectedness for Brent Schools is a bright future. Despite the ebb and flow of the economy and the political and natural challenges of life in the Philippines and a changing world, the Brent family is strong. We are to love God and love one another. As such, our future is one of unity. Our standard of true international education is achievable with One Brent. The effects of globalization, the shrinking of our wold, and the ever-quickening pace of change are all beter negotiated together.