Brent Bulletin #17


We are excited for the final two months of the school year–  with April as a time for our community to celebrate in meaningful and simple ways, 112 years of Brent International School Baguio! 

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Brent Bulletin #16


It’s been an amazing month of March, and we are ready for the final two months of the school year when we all resume our MMC Program on April 5, Monday. 

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Brent Bulletin #15


Dear Brent family, TGIF once again, and what a great week it was for our Brent family! Let's continue to support each other in this last quarter of the school year.

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Brent Bulletin #14


With the release of the Mid-Semester reports, we want our families to know that we are here to support and cheer our students on as we approach the last quarter of the school year, especially at this time of the pandemic and distance learning.

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Brent Bulletin #13


WOW and TGIF! What a wonderful way to end the week with special and historical Filipino Day assemblies today and Wednesday! Even at this time of the pandemic and distance learning, the Brent family continues to stay connected and curious, and build community!

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Brent Bulletin #12


05 February 2021. TGIF! What an exciting and balanced month we have in store for us all! Below are the following updates: Lower School Bulletin: Our LS Bulletin for February is up on our website:

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Brent Bulletin #11


29 January 2021. While January has flown by quite swiftly, Semester 2 has ushered in a lot of positive energy and renewed courage and hope as we cheer each other on to  #BeOurBestatBrent, even amidst a global pandemic and uncharted waters. Let’s persevere, bearing in mind everyone’s health and well-being. 

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Brent Bulletin #10


22 January 2020. With the release of report cards on Monday, January 18, parent and teacher meetings have been on-going. Especially at this time of distance learning, the partnership and communication between home and school are crucial in the success of our Magic Mountain in the Cloud Program (MMC).

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Brent Bulletin #9


18 December 2020. Warm greetings, Brent family, What a wonderful and meaningful way to end our first semester with the presentation by the Lower School Religious Studies classes! For those who have missed the presentation, it is viewable until December 31 through this link.We kindly ask our Brent community not to share the video on any social media sites. 

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Brent Bulletin #8


03 December 2020. By next week, we will be down to the final two weeks of learning together as a community, and we are looking forward to a good finish for all.

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In compliance with the minimum health protocols, everyone is requested to accomplish the
EMPLOYEE Health Checklist Form or the VISITOR Health Checklist Form

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