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Brent Bulletin 2021-2022-5


We are grateful for the full month of school we all have enjoyed so far! We all have settled into our teaching and learning routines, and so we’re looking forward to a number of activities that will continue to support the quality delivery of our MMC program and build our Brent community!
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Brent Bulletin 2021-2022-52021-09-17T06:52:21+08:00

Brent Bulletin 2021-2022-3


We are done with Week 3 of the first semester! While it was just three days of school this week, we hope all have been able to enjoy the long weekend and the Baguio Day holiday and are getting into the groove of learning and being with friends and classmates.
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Brent Bulletin 2021-2022-32021-09-07T00:00:45+08:00

Brent Bulletin 2021-2022-2


We had a great start last week with our Tech Trial and Meet and Greet days, our all-school welcome chapel, first full days of school including feedback on the technical delivery so far of the MMC program. Thank you to all for actively participating in our start-off activities!
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Brent Bulletin 2021-2022-22021-09-07T00:01:51+08:00

Brent Bulletin 2021-2022-1


We had a good run of our parent and student information sessions last week! Thank you to all our parents and students who attended. Also, we trust that today's Day 1 Tech Trial and Meet and Greet sessions went well too! Here's looking forward to tomorrow's Tech Trial and Meet and Greet sessions for Day 2.

Brent Bulletin 2021-2022-12021-09-03T12:55:18+08:00

Brent Bulletin #21


Brent Bulletin 21 Dear Brent family, We are wrapping up the school year with culminating activities that celebrate the resilience and accomplishments of all our students! We are at the finish line! Below are details on our final days of school: May 24-28 May 24, Monday No classes Release of report cards for K-3 via BASIS in the afternoon. 2:30pm Graduation Certification Rites Monday May 24th | Tribute to Seniors ALL ARE WELCOME Please mark your calendars for Monday, May 24th at 2:30pm where we will gather for the official certification of the graduating class of 2021. We will be meeting Read More

Brent Bulletin #212021-05-21T08:00:25+08:00

Brent Bulletin #20


Leading up to the last three weeks of school, we are continuously striving to provide timely and clear updates that set everyone up for success.

Brent Bulletin #202021-05-07T04:22:10+08:00

Brent Bulletin #17


We are excited for the final two months of the school year–  with April as a time for our community to celebrate in meaningful and simple ways, 112 years of Brent International School Baguio! 

Brent Bulletin #172021-04-07T08:42:57+08:00

Brent Bulletin #16


It’s been an amazing month of March, and we are ready for the final two months of the school year when we all resume our MMC Program on April 5, Monday. 

Brent Bulletin #162021-03-26T10:10:35+08:00

Brent Bulletin #15


Dear Brent family, TGIF once again, and what a great week it was for our Brent family! Let's continue to support each other in this last quarter of the school year.

Brent Bulletin #152021-03-19T04:57:32+08:00

Brent Bulletin #14


With the release of the Mid-Semester reports, we want our families to know that we are here to support and cheer our students on as we approach the last quarter of the school year, especially at this time of the pandemic and distance learning.

Brent Bulletin #142021-03-19T04:57:05+08:00


In compliance with the minimum health protocols, everyone is requested to accomplish the appropriate questionnaire / checklist below:
EMPLOYEE Health Checklist 
STUDENT Health Questionnaire
VISITOR Health Checklist



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